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Expert System for Determining Patient Treatment Response


A medical digital expert system to predict a patient's response to a variety of treatments (using pre-treatment information) is described. The system utilizes data fusion, advanced signal/information processing and machine learning/inference methodologies and technologies to integrate and explore diverse sets of attributes, parameters and information that are available to select the optimal treatment choice for an individual or for a subset of individuals suffering from any illness or disease including psychiatric, mental or neurological disorders and illnesses. The methodology and system can also be used to determine or confirm medical diagnosis, estimate the level, index, severity or critical medical parameters of the illness or condition, or provide a list of likely diagnoses for an individual suffering/experiencing any illness, disorder or condition.

​issued in US: Feb. 18, 2014

issued in Australia: July 2, 2015

issued in Canada: Oct. 3, 2017

priority date: Feb. 20, 2008