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  • EEG Predicts Success of ​Medications

The STAR*D trial conducted in nearly 3000 persons treated for major depression, is the largest and most widely quoted study examining the effectiveness of antidepressant treatment using current “best practice” principles. The good news is that almost 70% of the depressed volunteers who participated did eventually recover.The bad news is that for some persons it took up to four different treatment trials before the correct one was discovered.

Nearly 2/3 of the participants did not recover with the first antidepressant treatment administered. This doesn’t mean that the treatments aren’t effective. There are probably many different biological subtypes of depression and our treatments work well for some but not others. And we currently do not have any way to detect these differences and to match the person with the best available treatment. Digital Medical Experts may change all of that. Our brain wave-based method of predicting antidepressant response identifies biological subtypes of depression and may help your doctor to determine the most effective treatment for you from the beginning. The time interval from first treatment to full recovery can be reduced by weeks to months. This means less suffering, less expense and less time off work.